Jesus Take The Camels: Pettiest Reactions To Adrian Peterson (Reportedly) Fumbling A $100 Million Bag

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Twitter Vs. Adrian Peterson

Future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson is known for abusing defenses on the field and blowing lavish amounts of cash on camels (and other magnificent beasts) off it as the latest pro athlete buried in financial struggle after making millions during his career.

And not just a few measly million–ONE HUNDRED MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS–that steadily dwindled to $0 and set off an embarrassing downward spiral (allegedly) fueled by trust in the wrong people, according to his team.

Whyyy Adrian trusted others with his millions AFTER ALL THE STARS ROBBED BY PEOPLE THEY TRUSTED, we’ll never know, but at least we have Twitter to make sense of it all.

Peep the pettiest reactions to Adrian Peterson (reportedly) blowing $100 million on the flip.


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