NLE Choppa Continues The Streak With “Shotta Flow 3”

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The first half of 2019 has proven to be a monumental season for breakout star NLE Choppa. January marked when the 16-year-old would break out with his “Shotta Flow” single, effectively going on to serve as the face card of Steve Stoute’s United Masters distribution service and carving out a lane as yet another voice within the South’s arguable monopoly of hip-hop.

Since then, Choppa has gone on to flip “Shotta Flow” in a Blueface-assisted remix while also giving fans a part two, and in the spirit of maintaining that momentum, the Memphis emcee is back with “Shotta Flow 3.” Per usual, the new track is attached to an energetic music video that finds Choppa posted with a hefty set as he and his crew execute myriad of moves, even upping the ante to hitting the “Woah” mid-air before belly-flopping into a pool. 

Quotable Lyrics

My niggas they vicious, bitch I am a menace
Let’s have a shootout like I’m in a scrimmage
Catch up in the lab, like I was a chemist
Shot him in the teeth, they call me a dentist

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