Chris Rivers Gets Elevated With Osmin Benjamin On “N.A.S.A”

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It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Chris Rivers but thankfully, the drought is over. The rapper’s getting ready for the release of his new project, G.I.T.U. which stands for ‘Greatest Of All Time.’ The album is set to arrive next month and today, he kicks the campaign off alongside Oswin Benjamin. Keeping to the theme of space, he drops off “N.A.S.A” which arrives on the 50th anniversary of when Apollo 11 took off to the moon. However, that’s merely a coincidence as the song is more about Chris Rivers’ new definition for N.A.S.A.

“N.A.S.A.” normally associated with the exploration of space, is now an acronym for ‘N*ggas Act So Authentic’ and how sometimes we need space from all that energy,” he said in a press release. “It sounds like we’ve been doing this for at least 400 years with high levels of lyricism, flows, smoothness, and boundless awesomeness.  It’s out of this world.  I can’t wait to show ya and perform this.  I can’t wait to share the rest of G.I.T.U.”

Quotable Lyrics
Fuck your clout, fuck your followers
Jesus only had 12 of them and he still the man
I done found the ones to hold me down, be the anchorman
I ain’t Ben Stiller ever since even with the snakes
Movin’ through the grass, learned to play the game boy
Too advanced, it’s demanding when you gotta be the man that’s in demand


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