Put On Blast: NYPD Cop Kneels On Man’s Head While Waving Pistol At Bystanders For No Reason [Video]

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NYPD Cop Seen Kneeling On Man’s Head And Waving Gun

An NYPD officer was seen being very aggressive during an arrest in which put all his weight down as he kneeled on a man’s head while simultaneously waving his service weapon indiscriminately at innocent bystanders.

The NYDailyNews reports the following:

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said the tense scene unfolded while police were trying to make an arrest, and the suspect didn’t want to go peacefully.

“This was an arrest they made, or were attempting to make, where an individual decided that as he was being arrested he was going to take whatever cash I assume he had stolen and throw that up into a crowd, creating a chaotic situation,” O’Neill told reporters.

Here’s how it all went down…

F**k 12.

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