Tyreek Hill In Custody Battle For Newborn Twins After Child Abuse Allegations

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Hill’s ex-fiance isn’t looking to co-parent with Hill.

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Last month, it was revealed that Tyreek Hill would not face any charges in his alleged child abuse case involving his three-year-old son. In some disparaging clips recorded by Hill’s ex-fiancé Crystal Espinal, Hill can be heard speaking violently while admitting to hurting his child and ultimately breaking his arm. The NFL has launched an investigation into Hill although a decision has not been reached despite the case being put to rest. The allegations against Hill were brought to light again recently as audio obtained by TMZ has Hill denying all of the accusations.

Now though, Hill has to worry about the custody of his newborn twins who Espinal just gave birth to earlier this month. According to TMZ, Espinal has filed court documents to gain sole custody of the twins. In the documents, it states that Espinal is only willing to give Hill supervised visits and that she even wants a paternity test done. On top of that, Espinal is looking for Hill to pay child support. The papers state that Hill and Espinal “are not married, never have been married, and do not intend to be married.”

Just a few years ago in 2015, Hill pled guilty to domestic violence charges after Espinal accused him of beating her. The wide receiver is still suspended from the Chiefs as of right now.


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