Freddie Gibbs Recorded “Bandana” In The Same Studio Nipsey Made “Victory Lap”

Freddie Gibbs recalls working on “Bandana” in the same studio complex as Nipsey Hussle who was making “Victory Lap” at the time.

R. Kelly Recruited 12-Year Old For “Sex Tapes” Two Years Before Filming: Report

According to the legal docs, R. Kelly filmed sex tapes within 2 years of meeting a then-12-year old child.

Are You Here For It?! Don Cheadle Is Joining The Cast Of ‘Space Jam 2’

Don Cheadle Is Officially Apart Of Space Jam 2

Don Cheadle has one of the most diverse acting catalogues there is, and as time goes on, his list of projects just continues to grow. Most recently, it’s being reported that

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Black Girl Podcast Interviews Damson Idris During Live Recording At #ESSENCEFest

Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mother Tanisha Foster Refutes Claims Of “Unfit Parenting”

Tanisha Foster is fighting to gain full custody of 10-year old Emani, in the wake of Nipsey’s death.

Florida Cop Planted Meth On Random Drivers, One Lost Custody Of His Daughter

The ex-deputy would routinely pull people over randomly, plant meth or marijuana in their cars, and falsely charge them.

Dave Chappelle Acted In “A Star Is Born” So Bradley Cooper Would “Stop Bugging Him”

Dave Chappelle begrudgingly accepted Bradley Cooper’s solicitation to act in “A Star Is Born.”

Drake Demands New Hollywood Hotspot Pay Homage After Opening Event Attended By Floyd Mayweather

Drake Balks At Ballet Hollywood Opening

New nightlife destination Ballet Hollywood has been poppin’ this week thanks to a post ESPY party attended by Floyd Mayweather and other famous names, but rapper Drake seemed to raise some objections, likely because

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