Fans Put Usher On Blast For His Inappropriate ESPY Awards Comment

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Usher’s got it bad.

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There was a moment there when Usher was pulling in lots of reactions for his expressive hairstyles. It was just after the New Year when the “U Got It Bad” singer was popping up at numerous events and people were preparing for what hairstyle the singer would debut next, ready to share their opinion on Twitter.  It’s safe to say he hasn’t dawned any new looks that have given people something to talk about but he’s now sparked a whole new reason for people to bring up his name since he seriously said the wrong thing at last night’s 2019 ESPY Awards.

Usher was presenting the Pat Tillman Award for Service to Marine Corps veteran Kirstie Ennis, who’s recovery since losing a leg in her Afghanistan deployment has inspired many. After the video clip in hour of Kirstie played for the audience, Usher followed up with: “And if that wasn’t enough, you guys don’t know, she also, too, climbed in Joshua tree — naked. She deserves an award for that, alone. Tattoos, crazy.” 

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The wildly inappropriate and unnecessary comment didn’t pull in much love from the audience and but drew in lots of hate on Twitter. “Did anyone else just see Usher ruin a female’s shining moment by ending his speech about her with something sexual? Im dumbfounded  #ESPYS,” one user wrote, while another added: “Really @Usher all of her accomplishments and you have to go off script and bring up nude climbing #shameonyou.”

Peep more reactions below and watch the clip here


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