Extinction Level Event: Busta Rhymes Goes FLIPMODE When Disrespectful Fan Hurls Homophobic F-Word [Video]

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Busta Rhymes Goes Ballistic On Man Calling Him F-Word

Busta Rhymes was NOT having it when a “fan” got out of pocket and dropped a homophobic f-bomb on him.

Footage of the confrontation was obtained by TMZ shows the MC arguing with two men in construction vests at 5 AM in NYC.

Things get heated very quickly and Busta appears to throw a punch at the man after being called the f-word but police and crew were there to keep violence from occurring.

One of the men filed a harassment claim against Busta the next day saying that the rapper was acting aggressively before police arrived and the camera started rolling.

Press play on the video below.

Busta was 1000% ready to get his rah-rah like a dungeon dragon on.

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