Blood Orange Drops Off “Gold Teeth” With The Likes Of Project Pat, Gangsta Boo & Tinashe

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“Angel’s Pulse” arrives in full tomorrow.

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Not too long ago, Dev Hynes of Blood Orange jumped on Instagram and began sharing the image art for all of his previous tapes counting them down in order of when they were released. The move was a way to notify fans that another tape was about to be added to the collection, and it’s called Angel’s Pulse and it’s arriving tomorrow, July 12th. 

Before it’s here in all its glory, Dev has dropped off a tune to get us prepared called “Gold Teeth” featuring the likes of Project Pat, Gangsta Boo and Tinashe. While the song is seemingly only available on Apple Music at the moment, the snippet is short but it teases the vibe of what we can expect and the Project Pat link up is always respected since the rapper’s made beloved appearances with Blood Orange before on “Chewing Gum” featuring A$AP Rocky.

Dev recently spoke to Vulture and opened up about his new project and explained why it’s a mixtape over an album:

What makes Angel’s Pulse a mixtape and not an album?
I fell toward the word mixtape in terms of talking with everyone, friends and label and whatnot. In my ideal world, I just put it out, and people can do whatever.

You’d rather not have to label it?
That’s my dream. It’s just the next group of songs.

Quotable Lyrics
Feeling great, feeling great
Bitch I’m ’bout to take a flight
Non-commercial, bae I’m flying
Where you wanna go tonight?


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