Kevin Gates Is Right Back With His New Single “Return Of The Mack”

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Kevin Gates drops a new track from out of nowhere.

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Kevin Gates is one of the biggest names to have come out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The 33-year-old rapper has become one of the most established figures in his hometown, working closely with younger cats like NBA YoungBoy and preparing them for the uphill battle awaiting them. Gates knows all about overcoming adversity. Just last year, he was stuck in jail and when he was released, he spent months chained to the city, unable to return home because of travel restrictions. Finally, he’s back with his family and he’s taking advantage of all the time he’s got in the studio.

Weeks after coming through with his project Only The Generals Gon Understand, the Louisiana spitter is back with another new song. The solo effort appeared out of nowhere on the rapper’s YouTube page, proving why it’s so important for his fans to keep their notifications on. Much like his previous releases, Gates didn’t spend a lot of time promoting the project. These days, he’s simply dropping when he wants and his fanbase will always eat it up. 

How does this stand up to his last body of work? Are you feeling “Return of the Mack” or were you hoping for something else?

Quotable Lyrics:

I see you starin’ off in space like your brain missin’
I used to grip on your little waist while my chain glisten
In the mirror makin’ faces while that thing in you
Come up and visit me in prison ’round the gang members
I love to show you off ’cause you somethin’ serious
Who you be textin’ all the time? I’m just curious


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