Nimic Revenue Debuts New Track “Paramount”

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Nimic Revenue shares “Paramount.”

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Def Jam/Undisputed signee Nimic Revenue has returned with her latest “Paramount” track, a melodic new entry that previews the 20-year-old’s forthcoming Lifeline album.

The new track adds onto a catalog for the budding artist, fresh off a tour run alongside Dani Leigh and on a consistent mission toward longevity

“Whatever vibe you are feeling, I know it’s going to touch you,” Nimic tells Coveteur of her new album. “I’ve been super honest. I’m so excited to share it with the world because I know it’s going to change my life […] I grew up never really having a lot of friends, and I know my music is going to bring me so much more than that. It’s going to bring me family, and I want to share my love with them, our love for music. This album is about to take over.”

Quotable Lyrics

Stars in the ceiling on my wrist and on my neck
Told them just be patient, but they split before the check
They says talk is cheap, I promise I don’t owe no debt.


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