Paul Rudd Implores Fans To Rally Behind “Ant-Man 3”

If you want to see “Ant-Man 3,” it’s time to take action.

Though the cinematic possibilities of the Marvel Cinematic Universe appear endless, the fate of certain heroes remains uncertain. Sadly, the affable fan-favorite Ant-Man stands among them. Paul Rudd recently opened up about his future in the MCU, speaking with Yahoo about the possibility of a third Ant-Man movie. As he tells it, the fans will have to speak up should they wish to see a conclusion to the trilogy.

Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

“I don’t know,” Rudd says, when asked whether he’ll ever don the suit in another solo film. “You need to make a call to the top brass and start a campaign to make it happen.” We’ve already seen Rudd reprise the role of Ant-Man in two solo films, as well as appearances in both Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame. In fact, many felt he gave one of the strongest performances in the climactic Avengers chapter, so you’d think a reward would be in order.

Yet money talks, and Ant-Man has never been a box office darling – at least, not in relation to other Marvel Cinematic Universe titles, many of which stand among the most lucrative flicks in cinematic history. Of course, Yahoo also claims a source has assured fans that Ant-Man 3 is on the way, but concrete news of its production has yet to be confirmed by Marvel Studio President Kevin Feig. Perhaps it’s time for the fans to mobilize, lest Ant-Man go the way of his namesake, and retreat underground, destined to be forgotten. 


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