Snoh Aalegra’s New Single “Find Someone Like You” Will Soothe Your Soul

The smooth songstress is back with another single and an announcement for her upcoming album.

Snoh Aalegra has been in the game for a while, but starting gaining exposure when her hit single “Time” was sampled and used in Drake’s outro record on More Life with “Do Not Disturb.” The Swedish-native’s smooth-as-honey vocals stand out in the way that they are able to evoke emotions you didn’t even necessarily know you had, and people have started to notice. She’s collaborated with the likes of Vice Staples, Common and Logic, adding a much needed soft undertone to complement their masculine energy. And now, she’s back with a new ballad “Find Someone Like You.”

The singer is known for her “feels”-provoking love songs, with her nostalgic, almost old-time-classic vocals adding the perfect forefront to a nostalgia-ridden track. Now, the Artium signee has followed her April bop, “You,” with another bop in “Find Someone Like You.” The track sticks to her usual stirring sound, but has very subtle elements of jazz in it, making it a straight groove. 

The track follows Aalegra’s announcement just 6 hours ago, when she took to Instagram to share with fans that she would be releasing (a much anticipated) album on the 16th of August. Just like most of the other cover arts for her singles, the picture – which previews a stunning portrait of Aalegra in black white – has subtitle-type font at the bottom, disclosing the (probable) name of the upcoming project: “Ugh, Those Feels Again.”

Quotable Lyrics:

Somethin’ ’bout the way that you talk to me
Even when you not around, I feel you boy, I feel you boy, yeah
Tangled in your love and your energy
Perhaps it was the way that you smiled, I see you boy, oh I need you boy, yeah, yeah, yeah


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