Bruh: Georgia Inmate Escapes Courthouse In Handcuffs, Found Hours Later Hiding Under A House [Video]

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Georgia Inmate Flees Courthouse

You have to be pretty bold to try and escape while you’re in the custody of Georgia State Deputies. One Decatur man was clearly about that life, or just afraid ago to prison, when he escaped from a group of Benton County inmates who were being processed for court on Monday. 28-year old Diego Jose Zayas-Martinez was originally charged with terroristic threatening and criminal mischief for threatening to kill a man in 2018. But after fleeing from deputies on foot earlier this week, Martinez’s new charges include first-degree escape and criminal trespass.

According to reports, deputies chased a handcuffed Martinez through the courthouse parking lot for several minutes before they found him hiding under a house on Central Avenue. He is now being held at the Benton County Jail on a $550,000 bond with his hearing set for July 15 in Benton County Circuit Court. SMH.


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