Pop, Lock & Shoplift: Woman Allegedly Steals $300 Worth Of Clothing While Twerking On Store Cameras [Video]

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Source: Michel Tripepi / EyeEm / Getty

Woman Is Caught Twerking On Camera While Shoplifting

While robbing a clothing store, one yam-tastic woman thought it would be a good idea to draw more attention to herself by twerking for the cameras.

According to CBS Miami, cops are looking for a pair of shoplifters that were recorded on the store’s cameras in Pembroke Pines. One of the suspects was throwing that a$$ in the aisles and while she was showcasing her twerk moves, she was snatching clothes off the shelves and stashing them in her bag.

Police say the shoplifters ended up snagging over $300 worth of clothing during the April 26th robbery. The two women involved are currently being searched for by the police.

Well, hope the twerk was worth it. Watch the video below and decide for yourself.



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