Sheek Louch Murders The Game “Alone”

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Louch is riding solo.

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Although we know Sheek Louch as a part of a larger crew, the veteran rapper has no issue riding out dolo. On his latest solo project, Beast Mode 3Louch delivers a spirited outro called “Alone.” The track features a truly riveting sample that brings back memories of New York City in the 90s when the Golden Era rappers preferred to rap over disco/soul snippets. The energy of the record is immaculate, and ends off the project in a way that left me wanting more. 

Sheek raps about a mix of his own personal struggles and issues that plague the nation as a whole. As a OG in the game, Sheek’s introspective view of the world around him is always welcomed. Listening to the LOX member is akin to getting knowledge from the elder on your block. 

Quotable Lyrics 
I was born to stand out, I don’t care if I don’t fit
True story, I grew up around coke
I was only seven when I first seen my pops smoke
Uncle was sniffin’ somethin’, not sure what that was
Kept rubbin’ his nose, put his jacket on backwards
Found out what crack was, then I found a hundred pack
I don’t care whose shit it was, we sold it in the back


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