A Lil Positivity: Lil Baby Surprises The Women In His Family With Brand New Cars

Official Big Game Kick Off Hosted by Lil Baby+Gunna

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Lil Baby Just Surprised His Family With Some New Cars

Lil Baby is putting his riches to good use and giving back to his family in a major way.

On Wednesday, Lil Baby decided to surprise the most important women in his life with some extravagant Mother’s Day gifts. The Street Gossip rapper was filmed presenting his mom with a brand new Mercedes Benz, but his creator isn’t the only person he wanted to make happy. The Atlanta native also gave out a Jeep Cherokee and a Mini Cooper to two other other family members.

Lil Baby’s girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves, shared the touching moment in a series of Instagram stories, which ended up being posted by various outlets to share the heart-warming reactions with the world.

Even though it might be a little late for a Mother’s Day gift at this point, we’re sure the women in his life aren’t complaining. Check out some footage of Lil Baby’s family members receiving their gifts down below.

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