Day: May 16, 2019

F**k Dem Kids: California High School Soup Cookies Think This Racist N-Word Prom Proposal Is Hilarious

Racist Prom Proposal At California High School Goes Viral

White people never cease to incense us.

Whenever there is a major social event or holiday they find a way to put their racism on full shameless display. On Halloween, they

Crochet Pants And Bad Romance: Common Says Split From Erykah Badu Left Him Heartbroken, Hurt And In A Haze “It Was Hard To Eat”

Common Reveals He Sought Therapy After Bad Breakups

We all know Erykah Badu got that voodoo, but Common is now confessing from his firsthand experience how the singer did major damage to his heart.

In a PEOPLE exclusive, the

Trey Songz’s (Maybe) Baby Announcement Has The Women Of Twitter Losing Their Cot Damned Minds The They’re NOT His Maybe Baby Mommas

Welp…Trey Songz might be a daddy. The crooner shocked the internet by posting a pic of a baby that appears to maybe be his. The picture sent shockwaves across all of Twitter. As you may or may not know,

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