Kanye West Collaborator Malik Yusef Sued By Korean Fashion Line For Fraud

Kanye West isn’t the only person from his camp accused of doing botched business with an Asian clothing line. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Korean fashion brand claims Malik Yusef forged Kanye’s signature on several contracts, as well as using fake invoices from companies including Roc-A-Fella in a multi-million dollar scam.

Gentle Monster, a brand cherished by celebrities such as Beyonce, filed a lawsuit against Yusef today in L.A. County Superior Court accusing Yusef of using his relationship with Kanye West to deceive the clothing brand into believing he was scoping for top talent in order to do a series of videos for Project 13.

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“From their earliest interactions with Gentle Monster, defendants went out of their way to describe Yusef’s star-studded connections,”  Susan Leader, Gentle Monster’s attorney, wrote. “They never missed an opportunity to mention that Yusef routinely works with artists like Beyoncé and Kanye, that he tours with Jay–Z, or that he vacations with Pharrell Williams.”

The company claims Yusef made them believe that the only way they can stay within their budget for the series is if they go directly through Yusef and dodge agents. Gentle Monster said that wired more than $2.5M to Yusef and his agents under the impression that he’d bring celebrities like Kanye, Pharell, Jaden Smith, and Paris Jackson. After the company requested a signature from Kanye or Pharrell to confirm their participation, Yusef allegedly forged Kanye’s signature.

“Defendants’ deception was both flagrant and brazen,” Leader continued. “Specifically, they forged Kanye’s signature, created a shell entity named after Kanye’s deceased mother, issued fraudulent invoices made to appear as though they had been issued by legitimate talent agencies, lied about their contacts and work with artists, and, in the end, pocketed more than $2.5 million from Gentle Monster.” ‘

The company sued Yusef, as well as his manager and business partner Burundi Partlow and Sonja Nutall, on claims of fraud, breach of contract, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing and unfair competition.

Drake Accused Of Owing Expert Witnessed Who Helped Him Win Hebrew Hustle Case

Drake may have settled his lawsuit with Hebrew Hustle but he’s still on the hook for money owed to an expert witness, according to The Blast. The rapper brought in some powerful forces to help him win the case but that same person who helped him out claims that the rapper left him out to dry when it came to making the agreed upon payment.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

CMG Worldwide Founder & Chairman, Mark Roesler, who’s described as a “dominant force in the evolving intellectual property arena,” said he agreed to be brought in for a deposition in exchange for $5,312. Roesler claimed that he spent eight hours being deposed in October 2018. He didn’t necessarily detail what he spoke about during the deposition but as the publication pointed out, it’s likely that he used his expertise to set a monetary value for Drake’s likeness while the rapper’s attorney made their case to prove Hebrew Hustle cost the rapper tons of money.

Drake ended up reaching a settlement with the company which resulted in Hebrew Hustle paying out the rapper before the case was dismissed. However, Roesler said that he hasn’t seen a penny from the money that he’s owed. The CMG Worldwide founder was forced to file on Drake in a small claims court.

Drake was initially sued by Hebrew Hustle who claimed he infringed on one of their tracks. Drake later countersued, claiming they used his name and image for false advertisement. 

Teairra Mari Trolls 50 Cent Over Butt Play: “Thumb In Booty Thursday”

Teairra Mari and 50 Cent are still at odds over the tens of thousands of dollars she owes the rapper. And if you’ve been paying attention to Fif in any way, being in debt with him can escalate quite quickly. Teairra Mari, unlike other victims of Fif, has entertained the Internet warfare over the past few weeks, even launching an “I Ain’t Got It” campaign against the rapper. Now, she’s back on Instagram with more heat for 50 Cent.

The allegations of 50 Cent enjoying booty play has been echoed by Ja Rule, Vivica Fox, and now, Teairra Mari. The former Love & Hip Hop star shared a screenshot of Fif’s interview with Tyra Banks back in the day when he allowed the recent Sports Illustrated cover model to touch his butt. 

“#TBT 🤙🏾Thumb In Butt Thursday 😳 🤷🏽‍♀️💅🏾 #cavitycheck#getthestrapon #linkinbio,” she captioned the post. 

Prior to her post, Fif went back at her neck, as well as Jackie Long, Hassan Johnson, Ray J, and Nick Cannon, with a clip from Menace II Society. Menace to society 2 staring, Fofty @jackielong, @rayj, @nickcannon and this little cum dumpster,” he captioned the post. 

Vivica A. Fox was the first person to insinuate that Fif likes his booty fondled with. During her appearance on Andy Cohen’s show, he asked her about the rapper claiming Empire‘s ratings went down because of “gay stuff.” Vivica simply responded by claiming that’s like the “pot calling the kettle black.”

Fif later responded to those claims on Cohen’s show with a humorous take on Vivica’s comments. “I said, ‘Oh no, because I let her lick my ass, she thinks I’m gay!'” He told Cohen. 

Howard Stern Cancelled: Gets Called Out For Using N-Word, Lies About it

Howard Stern guest starred on The View this past Thursday to promote his new book. Co-Host Sunny Hostin took to questioning the TV personality on his past, claiming that Stern had a history of using racist language on his radio show. “I found your show so offensive,” said Hostin. “You used the N-word a lot.”

Stern seemed shocked, and immediately denied the accusation. “We had a guy on from the Ku Klux Klan who very freely used the N-word, and my belief was, ‘Hey, say it out in the open.’ I didn’t use the N-word, let’s be very clear.” Continuing his explanation as to why he allowed the word to be used he said, “I don’t like people who live under a rock. I said to the guy, ‘Let me hear what you’re saying and let’s confront it and let’s talk about it.’”

Despite Hostin’s protest to his show, she admitted that his new book – a collection of interviews he’s done over the years – changed her opinion about him. “You’re a very different person today and I loved your book. I believe people evolve,” she told Stern. “I’m not going to say the show isn’t crazy and wild,” explained Stern. “But we’ve also opened it up to some new ideas where people, some really fantastic people, are coming in and feel safe enough to be interviewed and get into some real conversation” he added.

Though Stern fans are well-known to be obsessive tapers of his radio program, online archives don’t go back far enough to cover the time period that Hostin describes. 

However, in a 1994 home video special called “Howard Stern’s New Year’s Rotten Eve 1994,” Stern used the word repeatedly in a sketch ridiculing the blackface controversy that Goldberg and her, then-boyfriend Ted Danson, became involved in the previous year. 

Stern wore blackface to portray Danson, and used the uncensored n-word six times in less than two minutes, including as the punchline to the joke “What does you call a black rocket scientist?”

You can check out the full video – which is extremely offensive and NSFW – here.

F**k Dem Kids: California High School Soup Cookies Think This Racist N-Word Prom Proposal Is Hilarious

Lockers in School

Source: copyright Dan Reynolds Photography / Getty

Racist Prom Proposal At California High School Goes Viral

White people never cease to incense us.

Whenever there is a major social event or holiday they find a way to put their racism on full shameless display. On Halloween, they wear Blackface, on Christmas they insist that Santa Clause be white, and during prom…well, peep the photo in the tweet below.

White students at Palos Verdes High School thought that this racist-a$$ stunt was the epitome of hilarity, but one of their Black classmates is NOT here for it.

The photo has gone BIG viral on social media and the school has been forced to respond. But like most cases, that response is tepid and tone deaf at best.

“…incorporated a slang term for African-Americans”?!?! Are. You. F***ing. Serious??? Only in white privilege-ville could the n-word with the hard -er be watered down to “slang”. Moreover, the AUDACITY!

Sorry, but kids who do stuff like this in 2019 the year of our lord don’t deserve “privacy”, they should be exposed as the racist progeny of parents who are also likely racists.

Throw this whole school away.

Air Jordan 11 Golf Shoe Takes Denim To The Course: Official Images

The PGA Championship is in full swing with some of the biggest golfers in the world trying to win the second Major tournament of the season. To mark the occasion, Jordan Brand has revealed a brand new Air Jordan 11 Golf Shoe which will surely please all of the golfers out there who want to flex with some Jumpman gear.

The shoes are a low top with denim accents all the way around the shoe. For instance, the top is dark blue denim, while light blue denim is found wrapped around the upper from the toe box, to the side panels, to the back heel. As for the midsole, that is covered in white as it’s held up by an icy blue outsole with spikes on the bottom for traction out on the course.

As of right now, there is no official release date for these although they should be coming out sometime in the Summer or Fall for $220 USD, according to Sneaker News.

feature image

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

Image via Nike

Melissa McCarthy Edits Herself Into Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” Video For “Ellen”

Before Melissa McCarthy takes over as host on NBC’s Little Big Shot (replacing Steve Harvey) she’s warming up as a guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. For the recent episode that sees the Bridesmaids actress sitting in Ellen’s chair, she expressed her love for Billie Eilish and detailed how much she wants to go on tour with the singer. 

Matt Jelonek/WireImage/Getty

“My dream is really to go on tour with her, or just lay down a track – I think that’s what the kids are saying now,” she told the audience. “I think every super-cool seventeen-year-old musician needs a 48-year-old Midwestern mother of two as her hype man.”

To show her honest appreciation for the artist, even more, Melissa edited herself in Billie’s “bad guy” music video copying some of the excursions Billie gets up to in the clip. 

As for Melissa’s new hosting gig that will take over Steve’s position, the Think Like A Man author is ready for a new chapter in his life. 

“This is good, though, man. You gotta understand how it works,” he said told his fans. 

“See, your life ain’t nothing but a book. I happen to be 62-years-old. I am in the middle of my 62nd chapter… Had some good chapters, had some bad chapters. Had some chapters that lasted a little bit longer than I wanted to. That homeless chapter way too long, … But in this 62nd chapter, I got my finger on the corner of the page. All I’m doing is I’m about to turn it. I can’t wait to see what God got for me on that other page.”

Steve Lacy Announces His Debut Solo Album “Apollo XXI”

“Sunflower” singer, Steve Lacy, made a name for himself as one of the lead songwriters, and guitarist for neo-soul, Alternative RnB Group The Internet. The artist has since come a long way though, and was able to garner a solid name and following for himself as a solo artist. 

Collaborating with names such as Solange Knowles (on her latest project When I Get Home), and indie group, The Vampire Weekend (as a feature on their “Sunflower” single), Lacy made a prominent statement to the world about just what kind of artist he is. His songs have a unique funk to them that will have you tapping your foot along to the melody, but that also maintain a distinct smooth sound throughout. The video for, perhaps his most notable, single “RYD/Dark Red” – featured, what has come to be known as – signature Steve Lacy vibes. Vibrant colors, intriguingly unusual styling, and a humorous backing plot make up the visuals for the song, which has gathered more almost 14 million YouTube views.

It’s no surprise that the artist has a loyal fanbase, drawn to his eccentric style and awaiting his next project. He confirmed earlier in the month that he would be releasing his debut solo project, for which he dropped his single “N Slide” from, a month ago. He took to Instagram last night to show fans his cover art for the album, also revealing the title as “Apollo XXI” and reiterating its release date on the 24th of this month.

In a recent interview, the artist went into more depth about some of the details of his awaited album, labeling it as  “very fun and witty,” and revealing the narrative of Apollo XXI is his personal journey. Of his collaborative efforts, he explained that it’s always different energy and that they will never be similar to one another. “I like to be a chameleon, blend into any situation I’m given, whether it’s musically, or with life. It’s cool, I just like to read them, and their personalities before, and like present an idea,” he stated. “I’m not as limited to resources anymore. I’ve made a little money, so I have a laptop now and some instruments. I think the process is still the same, I’ve just got some better gear that’s all.”

Kim & Kanye West Very “Hands On” With Newborn Son, Have Little “Help”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West extended their family when they welcomed their baby boy via surrogate last week. Kim was in the middle of studying to get her law degree, while Kanye continues his studio work and even though they have some help with the newborn, a source tells PEOPLE that they are very hands on. 

Apparently, the family “are all adjusting to having a newborn again, but so far, so good.” 

“[Kim] and Kanye have both been up at night with the baby,” the insider reveals. “He is still small and on a strict feeding schedule. They have to wake him up to feed him.” Kim is said to be focusing on her other children when her son is sleeping in the daytime, and we recently got to see one of the activities she did with her daughter North, that consisted of a music video to Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

Alo Ceballos/GC Images

While the West’s enjoy their precious moments with their newborn, fans are eager to know the name of Kim and Kanye’s son and have already come up a theory. 

Since Kim accompanied tweets with a teddy bear when discussing her son, people are alleging that his name may be Teddy or Bear. Only time will tell. 

Kodak Black Accuses Cops & Media Of Violating His Rights With Leaked Arrest Photo

Kodak Black has a laundry list of legal issues that he has to tend to at this point. The rapper was arrested over the weekend for allegedly falsifying paperwork to obtain a firearm. Although information about his arrest was initially scarce, his arrest was confirmed after a photo of him shackled up surfaced online. According to Bossip, he’s taking aim at the police and the media for using his image to brag about arresting a high profile artist.

The rapper filed documents in court accusing the media and law enforcement of violating his constitutional rights after a photo of him leaked online at the Miami-Dade police station. Kodak claimed that there was not a single reason for a photo of himself to surface online except for the police to make a “big spectacle” and gain bragging rights.

According to Kodak, the release of his photo was “for the purpose of creating a news spectacle in showcasing a Grammy-nominated artist shackled and in custody for all to see.” He added, “Quite simply, there was no law enforcement or security rationale, and this was nothing more than a personal frolic for law enforcement to posture.”

At this point, a judge hasn’t ruled on the motion. Kodak Black wants the police and the media to be banned from distributing any photos of him without law enforcement or security purpose.


Joe Budden’s Alleged Side Chick Sets The Record Straight

After a video was published online over Spring Break showing Joe Budden allegedly getting “caught” with his side chick in Miami, social media started to stir, finally understanding why Cyn Santana called it quits with the podcaster and rapper. However, the video really shows nothing. The two aren’t walking hand-in-hand or making out… they’re literally just walking down South Beach. Can a man and woman not just be friends? People started to refer to Jazzma Kendrick as a homewrecker, singling her out as the reason why Joe and Cyn are no longer engaged to be married. All the talk got to be too much for Jazzma because the model and realtor decided to give her side of the story this week.

According to Bossip, Jazzma Kendrick has explained the video that has people talking in an Instagram comment. She reportedly said, “No one was caught doing anything. I dated Joe’s cousin. We stopped talking but Joe and I remained friends. Platonic friends! Joe visited Miami with some friends and asked where they could go. I took them to a lounge. We all left together as a group, then went our separate ways. The end.”

So now, everyone can stop harassing her. Hopefully, Cyn and Joe find a way to make things work but the way it’s looking right now, they appear to be happy leading their own new single lives.