Skin Care Calamity: Here’s What Happened When Kylie Jenner Debuted Her Allegedly Abrasive And Infectious Exfoliator

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Kylie Jenner Gets Dragged For Her New Face Scrub

Kylie Jenner launched the campaign “Kylie Skin” this week and it’s already been shot down with flaming arrows by skin care skeptics.

The first product Kylie’s promoting is a scrub featuring crushed walnuts. Commenters are cringing at it because it sounds like a dermatology nightmare. Aesthetics professionals are saying the product will actually cause tearing and bleeding in the skin if used regularly. Folks are also comparing the supposed “exfoliator” to St. Ive’s apricot scrub, which was hit with a 2017 lawsuit after a customer claimed it did damage to her face.

The entire beauty line will include varying face products, including a foaming fash wash and ‘skin milk’. But, why would Kylie allegedly copy the recipe for a face exfoliant disaster here??? Maybe it’s because she hits up the plastic surgeon for her regular beauty routine?

To no surprise ate all, comments like these (and harsher) are pouring in, dragging Kylie for having the nerve to sell a face scrub filled with walnuts.

Hit the flip to see how else folks are chiming in on this. Is this face scrub controversy new to you?

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