Das Racist: Unapologetically Ignant White Student Caught On Video Saying The N-Word

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Source: brankokosteski / Getty

No matter how many times White folks are told not to use the N-word, for some reason they continue to test the limits to see how far they can actually go. A video of White, male, American University student, Aise O’Neil, confidently using the racial slur has gone viral — and while some people are outraged, others are not surprised by the overt disrespect. When asked why he thought it was okay to use the offensive term, O’Neil replied:

“I think it’s okay to say any word.”

But according to the school, the conversation was completely taken out of context. On Sunday, AU released a statement explaining:

“It is vital that we recognize the historical context of the language we use. A slur that has been used in the context of racism, bigotry, discrimination and violence does harm when it is used without understanding its context and painful impact on members of our community. We remain committed to building an inclusive community where every member feels valued and is treated with respect and dignity.”

AU students, however, say that racist behavior at the school is nothing new.

The University added that they’re currently working with the students involved and affected the discriminatory language, and moving forward, the school will be guided by the Student Code of Conduct.



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