This Is America: Former Pittsburgh Cop That Murdered Unarmed Antwon Rose Was Found “Not Guilty” By Jury

Protests Continue In Pittsburgh In Wake Of Last Week's Police Shooting Of Antwon Rose

Source: Justin Merriman / Getty

After Only Three & A Half Hours A Jury Acquitted The Cop That Fatally Shot Antwon Rose

According to the NY Daily News, The former Pittsburgh cop that was charged with criminal homicide in the fatal shooting unarmed black teen Antwon Rose was found not guilty.

The not guilty verdict came after only 3 & a half hours of deliberation from the jury. Michael Rosfeld was initially charged after giving multiple accounts of the incident that left Rose shot in his face, elbow and back last year.

Rosfeld reportedly pulled over the car Rose was riding in on suspicion of having been in the area of a nearby shooting. The former cop initially told investigators that he saw “something dark that he perceived as a gun,” but he later said he didn’t see a gun “when the passengers emerged and ran.”

Rose was shot while trying to run away before being handcuffed.


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