You Had A Good Run: Jess Hilarious’ Islamaphobic “Joke” Is Getting Her Dragged Back To Laugh Track Light Chuckle Mediocrity

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Jess Hilarious Ruins Her Career

Jess Hilarious has enjoyed quite the internet rise as a viral comedian but it looks like she may have taken things too far this time, letting ignorance potentially ruin her career as she spread hatred across these here internets. Jess posted a video of four Sikhs getting on a plane and talking about how unsafe she felt on the plane. Later, the men were apparently removed and she went back on IG to talk about how she was happy about it.

“If I’m scared, I’m scared. F*** y’all,” she said.

This, of course, came mere days after 50 muslim men and women were murdered in New Zealand, adding another layer of ignorance and cruelty to Jess’ tirade. She posted and deleted a couple of apologies, some claiming that she was simply ignorant and another saying that she was justified because she was scared. All of it is ugly, nasty and worthy of her getting destroyed on Twitter.

Is this going to end her career? Take a look…

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