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#BlackInkCrew: Charmaine FINALLY Whooped Lily’s A$$ And THIS Is Why Twitter Took Her Side

Black Ink Fight
Black Ink Fight

Source: VH1 / VH1

Charmaine vs. Lily

Charmaine and Lily has been an ongoing feud for man months and all we’ve seen is Lily wiping the floor with our favorite thickalicious cast member. This week, Charmaine sought revenge and executed it to perfection. She spent the whole episode suddenly upset that Lily uses the N-word and she’s not black at all. Then when it came time to throw down, Charmaine finally, FINALLY got the upper hand, tossing Lily to the ground and getting on top of her.

Look, y’all. It’s been a tough Black History Month but we gotta get what we can. So cheers to Charmaine holding us down. Peep the hilarious reactions.

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