Kimbella Juelz kiss

#LHHNY: Yandy Vs. Kimbella Is Turning Up Again While Twitter Continues To Be Thkeptical Over Juelz’s Marriage Proposal

Kimbella Juelz kiss
Kimbella Juelz kiss

Source: VH1 / VH1

Juelz, Yandy And Kimbella Drama Triangle

Love & Hip-Hop needed a bit of drama to rile up a bit of excitement for a season that has been sort of a struggle so far. You know what brings drama? Yandy and Kimbella in the same room. Kimbella and Yandy ended up in the same place to bring their beef back, meanwhile the internet is STILL all up in Juelz Santana’s…hehe…grill. Sorry!

Anyway, Twitter wanted to get all up in everyone, clowning the three of them but mostly talking about Juelz and Kimbella’s engagement, marriage and a whole lot of skepticism.

Take a look.

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