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Barbie Beatdown: Nicki Minaj And Barbz Blasted, Bruised And Battered BET For Belittling Her Because Bardi Brought Home A Grammy Bust

Nicki Minaj Queen Radio
Nicki Minaj Queen Radio

Source: Apple Music/Beats 1 Radio / Apple Music/Beats 1 Radio

Nicki Minaj And Barbz Destroy BET

BET really stepped in it this time. On Sunday night they sent out a tweet about Cardi B’s Grammy win and put a caption that Nicki was getting dragged by her lacefront. This caused a ton of backlash over the idea they were pitting women against one another.

Nicki Minaj responded by pulling out of her performance in the BET Experience and dragging the hell out of the network. She also singled out the writer and put her picture on blast, which is a terrible thing to do. But, you know, that’s what Nicki Minaj does.

Anyway, back to BET. The Barbz are waging war and it’s uglyyyyyyy. Take a look.

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