Tragic: Army Vet Shoots Girlfriend & Kills Her 5-Year-Old Son Before Killing Himself On Facebook Live

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The Assailant Made Multiple Calls Before His Death

Tragedy after tragedy hit this past week in one Ohio home and it was all recorded on Facebook Live.

According to New York Daily News, U.S. Army veteran Jovonie McClendon Jr. of Miamisburg, Ohio phoned the police a little after 11 a.m. on Friday to say that he killed his girlfriend and her son, and he was about to commit suicide himself. McClendon then carried out his confession, killing himself on Facebook live in a video that has since been removed.

When police arrived on the scene, 5-year-old Carter Clemons was pronounced dead, while his mother, Di’eshia Patterson, 27, was rushed to Kettering Medical Center and remained in critical condition on Monday.

The situation unfolded fast Montgomery County, Ohio Police Chief Ron Hess told reporters on Monday.

After receiving McClendon’s call, crews were dispatched at 11:32. At 11:34 the mother of McClendon’s other child called and said McClendon also phoned her saying he’d killed his girlfriend and her child. At 11:36 crews had arrived and by 11:37, McClendon’s mother called and reported that her son also called her with confessions about his murders and his planned suicide.

Between 11:43 and 11:50, four more calls came through, and they all said that they had just witnessed the suicide on Facebook Live.

Cops entered the residence at 11:55 after evacuating adjacent apartments, Hess said. They found the 33-year-old man dead along with the 5-year-old kid, and the 27-year-old woman was in critical condition.

The motives behind McClendon’s actions are not certain. Hess reported that there was no history of calls from the address where the three lived together. It’s also not certain how McClendon, a U.S. Postal Service employee, killed himself because the police said they didn’t hear any shots when they were outside the apartment.

However, according to The Sun, a friend of McClendon, Jordan King, said that McClendon was suffering from PTSD following his military service. “I believe he lost control,” King said. “He raged out and he did what he did… There was no coming back from that.”

Meanwhile, Hess said, “This will be a long, lengthy investigation. We have no history at all in our database on him.”


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