Demi Lovato (And Tomi Lahren) Mocked 21 ’s Deportation Twitter Gets “SAVAGE”

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Demi Lovato marks 90 days sober, mom says
Demi Lovato marks 90 days sober, mom says

Source: Sun Sentinel / Getty

Demi Lovato Dragged To Hell

When news first broke that 21 Savage had been deported, the internet was full of jokes about the notion that he was supposedly “British.” Spoiler: those jokes were dumb as hell. Getting deported isn’t funny. Getting separated from three kids isn’t funny. ICE is horrible and they shouldn’t be aided by jokes. Wretched of the earth Tomi Lahren thought it was funny and had a tweet making fun of 21 Savage.

Then, late as hell in the festivities Demi Lovato hopped on Twitter to talk about how the memes were funny and baybeeeee she got dragged. It was so bad that she deleted her whole entire account. Again. Welp. Sorry not sorry.

Twitter came for both of their a$$es with a dragging of the century. Take a look…


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