Zone Defense: 33 People Arrested In Atlanta During Super Bowl Sex-Trafficking Sting 

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Atlanta Police Department
Atlanta Police Department

Source: Ann Hermes / Getty Images

Dozens Arrested In Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Sting

The Superbowl is a whistle away and Atlanta is already Headlining the news with some Foul Play. Apparently a sex ring is gonna be missing out on that Holiday money . Thank fully the Panties were dropped on the Sex-trafficking Ring  , and four innocent victums were released.

Just in time for the madness that is Super Bowl weekend, federal law officials have arrested 33 people and rescued four victims who were involved in a sex trafficking operation in Atlanta. Police say that sex crimes occur at an all time high when sporting events of this magnitude occur in one concentrated area.

The Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced the arrest on Wednesday while addressing Super Bowl LIII safety measures:

“Various state, local and federal law enforcement agencies are conducting proactive human trafficking enforcement operations as we speak. [We’re] ensuring that criminals don’t use these events to exploit the most vulnerable among us… [we] have trained businesses and state and local entities to spot the signs of trafficking.”

Reports also say that officers and security members have been visible throughout downtown Atlanta where events have been held, and those efforts will continue until hours after the big game. Stay safe, yall.


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