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Man Kills Wife Then Tricks Her Family Into Believing She’s Alive For Over A Year; Eventually Murders Them & The Family Pets

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Close-Up Of Cordon Tape On Crime Scene
Close-Up Of Cordon Tape On Crime Scene

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Florida Man Murders Wife, Makes Family Believe She’s Alive For Over A Year

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Shelby Svenson, 25, admitted to killing his wife Jamie Ivancic — but only after he had already been arrested for also killing three of her family members.

Ivancic reportedly had told family members about a year ago that she was planning to leave Svenson, and take the children with her. Both Ivancic and Svenson were previously arrested on domestic violence charges, accused of assaulting each other. The last time anyone actually spoke directly with Ivancic was about a year ago, on January 25th, 2018, when she had a FaceTime call with her sister Karma Stewart.

Police believe Ivancic may have been dead for over a year, but Svensen convinced her friends & family that she was still alive by reportedly texting and sending photos of the couple’s two children from her phone, and telling them that she was unavailable to talk when they called to speak with her.

During an interrogation regarding the triple murder, Svenson also admitted to killing his wife by way of “violent blunt-force trauma” and burying her body in the backyard of their previous residence in Port Richey, Florida. Ivancic’s parents and brother were found dead in their home on New Years’ Day and Svenson was arrested in Ohio two days later, driving his murdered mother-in-law’s stolen SUV.

When police arrived, they found Richard, Laura and Nicholas dead as well as the family’s three dogs. No official statement has been made yet as to the motive for those murders, either. The Tarpon Springs Police Department was not immediately available for comment.


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