Day: January 12, 2019

Racists Run Amerikkka: Republican KKKongressman Steve King Doesn’t Think White Supremacy Is Actually Bad

Republican Congressman Steve King Makes Racist Remarks

Despite America touting itself as “the land of the free and the home of the brave” the idea that there are racist politicians isn’t lost on anyone, at least not anyone with melanin

Champagne Papi… Literally: Drake Gets Back In The Beverage Game With New Mod Sélection Champagne

Drake Is Diving Into The Alcohol Business Once Again

Drake’s Instagram handle certainly isn’t just for show, and he’s proving that to all of us by turning his famous “Champagne Papi” moniker into a business. The star recently entered the

Official Girl: Cassie And Alex Fine Are Still Going Strong…But Who’s Perturbing Puffy Via Text?

Cassie Posts Up With Her New Boo & Diddy Tweets He’s Not Arguing

Diddy and Cassie are really done! It’s been taking time for some fans to realize, but not them.

Diddy tweeted this cryptic tweet about not arguing with

For The Ladies: Michael B. Jordan Answers Some Seriously Juicy Questions…But There’s A Catch [Video]

Michael B. Jordan Keeps Us All Guessing With This Game

Michael B. Jordan stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday night, and luckily for us, he had time for a game following his couch interview.

Usually when

Deadbeat Dummy Boy: Tekashi69’s Baby Mama Blast Him For Going Ghost On His Seed [Video]

Tekashi69 Hasn’t Contacted Baby Mama Or Daughter Since Arrest

Tekashi69 isn’t gonna win any “Dad of the year” awards with this type of carrying on.

According to TMZ, Tekashi’s baby mama Sara Molina is saying that daddy Daniel has

The Breakfast Club: Angela Rye Talks #TrumpShutdown, Presidential Temper Tantrums, And All Things Political [Video]

Angela Rye Talks #TrumpShutdown On The Breakfast Club

Angela Rye once again brings her unique perspective to The Breakfast Club to discuss all the f**kery happening in Washington, D.C.

This go-round Angela speaks on Trump’s government shutdown

Tattle-Tailing On Trump: Micheal Cohen Set To Share Private Information & Testify Publicly Before Congress In February

Michael Cohen Set To Testify In Front Of Congress Next Month

According to Fox5 Atlanta, Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, will testify publicly before a House committee next month in a hearing that could serve as the opening

Teen Girls Kill Their Mother After She Took Their Phones For Trying To Run Her Over With The Family Car [Video]

Teen Sisters Kill Their Mother Because She Took Away Their Phones

According to the NY Post,  a 14-year-old & her 12-year-old sister were arrested for stabbing and shooting their mother to death after she took their phones for trying

Man Kills Wife Then Tricks Her Family Into Believing She’s Alive For Over A Year; Eventually Murders Them & The Family Pets


Florida Man Murders Wife, Makes Family Believe She’s Alive For Over A Year

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Shelby Svenson, 25, admitted to killing his wife Jamie Ivancic — but only after he had already been arrested

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