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Deaf To The Bullsh*t: Woman Has Rare Condition That Doesn’t Allow Her To Hear Men’s Voices

Doctor examining woman's ear with otoscope
Doctor examining woman’s ear with otoscope

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Natural Selection? Rare Condition Leaves Woman Deaf To The Voices Of Men

A rare ear condition has left a woman only able to hear women’s voices. But don’t get too jealous, doctors say it’s temporary!

“Chen” from Xiamen, China knew something was wrong when she woke up and couldn’t hear her boyfriend’s voice, Newsweek reported.

The woman reportedly heard ringing in her ears and vomited and an ear, nose and throat specialist at Qianpu Hospital told Ms. Chen that she had a form of low-frequency hearing loss known as reverse-slope hearing loss. This meant she was unable to hear lower-frequency sounds, including the average male voice.

Dr. Lin Xiaoqing, a woman doctor who treated Ms Chen, said the patient was able to hear her when she spoke but couldn’t hear a male patient. “She couldn’t hear him at all,” said Dr. Xiaoqing, according to MailOnline. As well as struggling to hear low-frequency voices, those with the condition can find it tough to make out voices on the phone, as well as noises like the hum of the fridge or thunder. This can put sufferers in danger, as they may not hear noises like oncoming cars.

Yikes! Although rare, Doctors believe the condition was brought on by stress. Around 3,000 people in North America are affected by the same condition.

Dr. Xiaoqing said Ms. Chen is expected to make a full recovery with some rest according to her doctor.

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