Keke Palmer, Eva Marcille, Tiffany Evans & More Attend ‘PIMP’ Screening In Atlanta

Keke Palmer PIMP Screening
Keke Palmer PIMP Screening

Source: Alston Media Group / Alston Media Group

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Celebs Screen KeKe Palmer’s “PIMP”

KeK Palmer’s latest film recently got rave reviews from her celebrity peers and media alike. On Thursday Vertical Entertainment screened it’s latest film, “PIMP” for LGBTQ influencers in Atlanta at Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema.

The film stars Keke as a struggling same gender loving woman/pimp named Wednesday whose fortune changes after her girlfriend hits the mean streets of New York. Wednesday plays a dangerous game that ultimate sees her life put at risk as she dreams of escape.

Written and directed by Christine Crokos and executive produced by Lee Daniels, “PIMP’s” cast also includes Aunjanue Ellis, Vanessa Morgan, Mike E. Winfield, Edi Gathegi, and DMX as Keke’s onscreen father.

VIP’s in attendance at the screening included Eva Marcille Sterling…

Keke Palmer PIMP Screening
Keke Palmer PIMP Screening

Source: Alston Media Group / Alston Media Group

Miss Sophia…

Keke Palmer PIMP Screening
Keke Palmer PIMP Screening

Source: Alston Media Group / Alston Media Group

Tiffany Evans…

Keke Palmer PIMP Screening
Keke Palmer PIMP Screening

Source: Alston Media Group / Alston Media Group


Gary with Da Tea and more.

Keke Palmer PIMP Screening
Keke Palmer PIMP Screening

Source: Alston Media Group / Alston Media Group

Following the screening, Gary With Da Tea moderated an insightful Q&A with Keke and film director Christine Crokos.

Keke Palmer PIMP Screening
Keke Palmer PIMP Screening

Source: Alston Media Group / Alston Media Group

“PIMP” is available for viewing now on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and more.

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Funny In The Light: Chance The Rapper Denounces “Friends” Accused Of Rape, One Linked To 14-Year-Old R. Kelly Alleged Victim

Minnesota Timberwolves v Chicago Bulls
Minnesota Timberwolves v Chicago Bulls

Source: Jonathan Daniel / Getty

Chance The Rapper Denounces Drummers Accused Of Rape, One Connected To R. Kelly

A woman took to Twitter earlier this week to reveal she was allegedly raped by two friends of Chicago rapper Chance The Rapper on separate occasions. Now Chance the Rapper is separating himself from his “associates.” But, not before folks questioned the rapper’s discernment…

On Sunday, @pppermint (Joan Harris) shared in very detailed tweets, that she suffered sexual assault. First from at the hands of Chicago rapper Preston Oshita aka Towkio and another instance of sexual assault involving Chance The Rapper’s drummer Stix.

Harris says she had no intention of sleeping with Towkio but after arriving his apartment, the musician allegedly pressured her into sex. The says he refused to stop after telling him she was pain.

Harris then shared another instance where she was allegedly assaulted by Chance The Rapper’s drummer @StixJams aka Gregory Landfair. Ironically Landfair is the brother to Sparkle’s niece, who has been linked to R. Kelly’s infamous “sex tape.” Harris says the Surviving R. Kelly was triggering, having memories of the drummer allegedly assaulting her. Stixx tried to denounce the allegations in a private DM, which Harris shared below.

Chance the Rapper has denounced the alleged behavior of his friends with a Tweet.

Hit the flip to see how chatter about these allegations are affecting folks on Twitter. It seems like Sparkles Niece, her brother and their father (still linked to R. Kelly) are still out here in the music industry, flicking it up with SZA in one instance on the next page…

Stop The Domestic Violence: “90 Day Fiance” Star Larissa Dos Santos Arrested, Fight With Hubby Colt Leaves Her Face Bloody

Hand of man touching woman face
Hand of man touching woman face

Source: Arman Zhenikeyev / Getty

Larissa Dos Santos Of 90 Day Fiance”Raises Money For Bail After Domestic Dispute Arrest

TLC reality show cast members Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson‘s rocky relationship has taken an explosive turn.

Previously, The couple had their share of bickering with each other in front of 90 Day Fiance cameras, and now Larissa is arrested for domestic battery. Apparently, Colt made a phone call to police that led to Larissa being arrested according to E! and The Blast.

Las Vegas Police confirm that Larissa was arrested at 5 a.m. local time. She was charged with battery, domestic violence, a misdemeanor. There is a mandatory 12-hour hold and she is now in custody at the Clark County Detention Center. Colt has not been arrested. Last night, Larissa posted photos and videos, showing her with a seemingly bloody face with the caption, “colt called the cops on me we argue.”

Her Instagram page has now been set private. You can see the blood faced photo by clicking here.

Since her arrest, someone linked to Larissa has posted a link to a GoFundMe page on her Instagram. The page specifies that she needs to raise $5,000 which will go to her bail and legal fees. Her bail is only $3,000, but the extra $2,000 is most likely for legal fees.

Yikes, stop the domestic violence! Here is a clip of Larissa arguing with Colt’s brother from this season of 90 Day Fiance.

Shook Ones: R. Kelly Reportedly Taken To Hospital For Panic Attacks Following ‘Surviving’ Doc

R. Kelly Taken To Hospital For Panic Attacks Following ‘Surviving’ Doc

R. Kelly must be scared as s#!t because according to NYDailyNews, Robert has been suffering panic attacks that sent him to the hospital since Surviving R. Kelly dropped last weekend.

On top of that, a Chicago judge granted an emergency motion for the city to enter Robert’s studio to inspect it for potential building code violations. The thought is that he might have converted the space into a residential space without proper permits to house the women he is allegedly keeping.

All this happened because of an anonymous call to the city about people possibly living on the property when it has only been zoned for commercial use. It might seem like a small thing but at this point, provided thee isn’t enough evidence to convict him on sex predator charges, it might take things like this to find a way to get him into a courtroom.

We can only hope Robert has more and more panic attacks every single day thinking about all the women and children he has scarred with his sick crimes.

SMH: Netflix Is Being Sued For Using ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ In ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’

The Netflix application seen displayed on a Android...
The Netflix application seen displayed on a Android…

Source: SOPA Images / Getty

Netflix Sued Over Using The Phrase “Choose Your Own Adventure”

Even though Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has been out for a couple weeks now, the episode is continuing to give people one of the most frightening TV watching experiences ever. But unfortunately for the streaming service, Netflix is being sued for using the phrase “choose your own adventure” to advertise the event.

Children’s book publisher Chooseco, LLC–which apparently owns the trademark to “Choose Your Own Adventure”– is filing a lawsuit against the streaming giant for Bandersnatch. As pointed out by The Hollywood Reporter, Chooseco has been using the trademark since the 1980s and has since sold more than 265 million copies of its Choose Your Own Adventure series. On top of that, according to the complaint filed in Vermont federal court, 20th Century Fox currently holds the rights to develop an interactive series based on the popular franchise.

Netflix has reportedly been pursuing the license since 2016, but they never obtained it. “Chooseco and Netflix engaged in extensive negotiations that were ongoing for a number of years, but Netflix did not receive a license,” the complaint states. “On at least one occasion before the release of Bandersnatch, Chooseco sent a written cease and desist request to Netflix asking Netflix to stop using the CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE mark in connection with its marketing efforts for another television program.”

Chooseco is claiming that Netflix has benefited by using its brand, and also confused viewers with its association. The company also says it’s suffered harm to its reputation for being connected to the grim series.

Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson Sexual Abuse Documentary To Be Shown At Sundance 

Michael Jackson...
Michael Jackson…

Source: Frans Schellekens / Getty

The Surviving R. Kelly documentary has brought up so many heavy conversations and so many of our former faves are being exposed. According to reports, the late Michael Jackson is next up to be chronicled for his alleged sexual misconduct with minors.

Rolling Stone:

The two-part, 233-minute Leaving Neverland, named after Jackson’s famed California ranch, will receive its world premiere as part of the festival’s Special Events category before airing on HBO this spring. In a release, the filmmakers confirmed the accusers featured in the film as choreographer Wade Robson, the now-36-year-old who filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against Jackson in 2013 claiming Jackson molested him when he was seven years old, and James Safechuck, Jackson’s companion as a child who sued Jackson’s estate over sexual abuse claims.

Bruh, 2019 is going to be a long year.

K9OD: Florida Police Dog Given Narcan After Overdosing On The Job 


Source: WENN / WENN

A K-9 for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida is still recovering after overdosing on Ecstacy while sniffing for Narcotics on a cruise.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman, Tod Goodyear, told reporters,

“(The dog) started having some problems with balance and had some type of seizure incident of some sort, was showing effects of having inhaled some substance. They administered the Narcan and got (the dog) to the vet as quick as they could.”

Leslie Bennett was boarding the Norwegian Epic Cruise when police discovered a small bag of pills in his boxers, which tested positive for Ecstasy and amphetamine. The 33-year old was arrested on drug charges and was among a dozen passengers who were charged while trying to board the cruise.

Hopefully the pup survives the incident because according to Godyear, “Narcan is generally for opiates and Ecstasy would be an amphetamine, so I don’t know if it would be of any assistance to the K-9 at all.”

Fingers crossed.

Invasion Of Privacy: Cardi B Served With A Lawsuit As She Walked Onto The Set Of Her New Netflix Show

Z100's Jingle Ball 2018 - Show
Z100’s Jingle Ball 2018 – Show

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

Cardi B Served Lawsuit On The Set Of Her Netflix Series

Cardi B ended up getting served with a lawsuit as she walked onto the set of her new Netflix series on Wednesday night, according to reports from The Blast .

In the video captured by The Blast on Wednesday, Cardi is seen walking onto the set of Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow–a music competition series where she will serve as one of the judges. On her way walking onto the set, things were all lighthearted as she joked with photographers, but as she approaches the door to the venue, a process server is seen dropping the papers in front Cardi. She ultimately ignored them.

According to the site, the legal docs stem a 2018 Met Gala incident that resulted in one man getting assaulted. A then-pregnant Cardi and husband Offset were at The Mark Hotel in New York City, when the alleged victim, Giovanni Arnold, reportedly tried to get an autograph. Arnold alleges that instead of getting an autograph, he was verbally assaulted by the couple before being physically attacked by members of their security team.

He filed a lawsuit against both Cardi and Offset days later, but apparently, it has been a bit of a process to serve them.

According to reports from The Blast, the alleged victim waited to serve Cardi since she was seven months pregnant at the time and, “out of respect and consideration for her and her baby’s wellbeing…I chose not to immediately serve” them.

Check out footage of Cardi being served below.

Teairra Mari Ordered To Pay 50 Cent $30K After Losing Revenge Porn Lawsuit

50 Cent And Teairra Mari
50 Cent And Teairra Mari

Source: John Lamparski/ Getty/ Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic / Getty

Teairra Mari Loses Sex Tape Lawsuit To 50 Cent

Teairra Mari recently suffered a huge loss in court that’s going to cost her a substantial amount of money. As previously reported the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star sued 50 Cent and her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad after explicit footage was released of her post-fellatio with semen on her face. 

Teairra alleged that Akbar released the revenge porn without her consent and 50 made matters worse by reposting the clip to his 18 million Instagram followers. Lisa Bloom represented Teairra in the case and a part of it played out on LHHH.

Now according to The Blast who obtained court documents, Teairra’s going to have to pay up because she lost the case—to 50 at least. A judge dismissed all claims against 50 and ordered her to pay him $30,000.

Why? Well because 50’s lawyers successfully argued that by the time 50 reposted the image it was readily available online. Furthermore, it didn’t show genitals or a sexual act in progress.

The Blast didn’t clarify however if Teairra’s case against Akbar is ongoing. Teairra argued that Akbar personally logged into her Instagram to send out the sexually explicit content in an effort to humiliate and degrade her.

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

Things could have been much, much worse for Teairra, 50 wanted her to pay his entire $161,660.15 legal bill. Luckily the judge reduced it to $30,618.

Still, that’s gotta sting.

We’re sure 50’s concocting a super petty, out of pocket post for his Instagram.


What do YOU think about Teairra losing her revenge porn lawsuit to 50???



Happy People! A Gallery Of Celeb Faves Cheesing It Up With R. Kelly

R. Kelly & Erykah Badu
R. Kelly & Erykah Badu

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

14 Times Celebs Looked Happy To Be Around R. Kelly

Everything’s falling down for super saiyan sicko R. Kelly who’s STILL getting DRAGGED after Lifetime’s explosive “Surviving R. Kelly” series that just might bury him for good. And, um, there’s still that one pink elephant in the room to discuss: A-list celebs who seemed to love being around R. Kelly despite his very creepy rep.

Now, to be fair, Lady Gaga recently apologized for their collab and we’re sure more celebs will follow her lead but that won’t stop everyone from wondering why A) they took so long to condemn him and B) they looked so happy around a man accused of so many disgusting crimes over the years.

R. Kelly, Taylor Swift & Lady Gaga
R. Kelly, Taylor Swift & Lady Gaga

Source: Christopher Polk / Getty

Hit the flip for a gallery of celeb faves cheesing it up with R. Kelly.

Future Further Explains Sacrificing Love, Says He Should ‘Retire’ His Gratuitous Groupie Smashing


Source: Roy Rochlin/2018 Getty Images / Getty

In loveless Lothario news…

Future Explains His “Sacrificing Love” Comment, Says He’s Misunderstood

Future’s doubling down on a recent comment he made about “sacrificing love.” The “Dirty Sprite” rapper had tongues wagging on Instagram after he posted that he had to “Sacrifice true love to live a lifestyle I never could imagine…u only live once.”

Now he’s further explaining that statement and told Big Boy’s Neighborhood that he’s done dedicating his love to a woman.

According to Future, a “regular girl” could have “motives” because she’d just be starting her career. Despite that, he’s not ruling out love completely.

“One day [maybe],” said Future. “It’s just so hard right now with me and my career and my life. My career now is like, everyone have a motive, you know what I’m saying., I could pick a girl I want, I could pick a regular girl and be like I want to be with her [and] she already got a motive. That’s like me reaching back. I’d be going back a step and you might be starting your career and my career done started so now everything that you do in your life automatically becomes ‘I have to take care of it I have to do this’ so it’s just like ‘Do I want that for my life?’ you know what I mean?”

He also added that he has ZERO interest in dating a high profile person because of the criticism that comes with it. Mind you his last “high profile” relationship was with Ciara back in 2015.

“A high profile chick, I wouldn’t even be interested in that,” said Future. “If it came to me then it’s cool but I don’t go look for it. I’m not chasing it, I want something real. I don’t want something fake—the only time we’re happy is when we take pictures. Then when the cameras are off we’re mad at each other.”

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

Future also added that he’s misunderstood but embraces who people think he is; a playboy.

“It’s like being misunderstood. A lot of people misunderstand me basically. Damn near 75% think I’m some totally different way than I am. You know, off perception and image, at time I embrace that. I just gotta embrace it. I don’t wanna fear anything, so I embraced it being that person that you might think I am. […]

Doing songs like “Real Sisters” and “Same Damn Time” and you got two sisters at the same time. ‘You got these girls girls, girls!’ then I become that image because that’s what you love about me. If I said I was in love nobody would like it.”

Are we all misunderstanding Future to be a heartless trap villain who’s only offering fertile Freebandz fillin’ to multiple women???

FVDED In The Park 2018
FVDED In The Park 2018

Source: Andrew Chin / Getty

Could be.

Hit the flip to see what Future has to say about his kids and (clearly) poppin’ sex life.