FEQ Festival - Day 3

The Cruz Show: Future Talks R. Kelly’s Increased Streaming Numbers Since Doc, “Jumpin’ On A Jet”, And New Album [Video]

FEQ Festival - Day 3
FEQ Festival – Day 3

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Future Talks R. Kelly And New Album ‘The Wizrd’ On The Cruz Show

Future is preparing to release his new album THE WIZRD and single, “Jumpin’ On A Jet” on The Cruz Show on Power 106 in Los Angeles.

While on the mic, Future talked about R. Kelly and how the attention he has received in the wake of the Lifetime documentary series has helped to bolster the streaming of his music essentially making the alleged sexual predator more money.

It is pretty sick that Robert continues to benefit off his heinous proclivities and the arrogant way that he puts his sordid sex life into his music.

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