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New York Under Covers: Reported Cheating Scandal Involving Four NYPD Cops Ends Up On Social Media

New York
New York

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Fire Arms Had To Be Obtained

One NYPD sergeant was allegedly making his police peen available to two women on the force and the results were a too-good-to-be-real scandal.

According to New York Post, Sgt. Kandou Worley, 40, was cheating on his cop girlfriend with a subordinate officer named Stephanie Gallardo, 33, – who, by the way, is married….and her husband is ALSO a police officer.

What happened was…

Worley and Gallardo were both assigned to the police department’s Strategic Response Group when they caught each other’s eye and decided to connect, according to an internal NYPD document.

However, their love affair took a turn for the worse when Worley’s live-in girlfriend, officer Tyeis Coppin, discovered incriminating photos on Worley’s cellphone.

One pic features a wet-haired Gallardo gazing into the eyes of Worley, who has droplets of water cascaded across his bare chest.

Another photo shows Worley snuggled up to Gallardo’s face and kissing her delicate cheek, while Gallardo is consumed into Worley’s clothed police pecks while he caresses the back of her head.

You’d think since the two were cheating, they’d keep their photo shoots to a minimum. But it seems their passion was too hot to contain!

Obviously Worley’s gf was furious. 

So much so that the 41-year-old allegedly posted the incriminating photos to Worley’s Instagram!

On a side note, according to the New York Post, Worley’s IG username is “mike_lowry_78,” an obvious reference to the ladies-man detective played by Will Smith in the Bad Boys movies.


When Coppin posted the incriminating pictures to her cheating a$$ boyfriends account, she captioned them, “I told my girl I loved her 10 mins b4 I f–ked this one,” and “She’s someone’s wife, she’s not my girl tho. I have one and this is not her!!!!”

Eventually the NYPD found out about the whole scandal and Gallardo was called in for questioning. She admitted that she and Worley had a “personal relationship” between September and October.

Gallardo explained that she’d been separated from her husband, fellow SRG cop Cristian Gallardo, 28, since March, thus her cheating wasn’t really cheating per say (even though she was still living with her husband and raising their 20-month-old daughter, but okay).

Gallardo also claimed “that with the exception of kissing while together off-duty on a number of occasions, the relationship [with Worley] was not intimate.”


The NYPD report says that a total of nine handguns had to be seized from all four cops involved…basically so they wouldn’t kill each other.  Under a section of the Patrol Guide, this type of thing happens in “non-disciplinary cases,” including those involving “stress as a result of family or other situations.”

The Patrol Guide doesn’t prohibit relationships between cops, however, unless “you’re a police supervisor in the police academy.”

However, the whole ordeal was turned over to the Special Operations Division Investigations Unit for further review, “including a review of social media.”

All four cops eventually got their firearms back and returned to active duty over the past week, while the SOD investigation is still pending.

Hopefully, they’ll stay clear of each other if they catch street duty. We definitely don’t want anyone caught in the love rectangle crossfire.

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