Bronx Mother Takes Down Man Trying To Steal Her Car

A mother taking her child to school jumped into action when she discovered a man was trying to steal her car, dragging him out of the vehicle and pinning him down until police arrived as witnesses cheered her from afar. 

“He’s lucky I didn’t kill him,” Tihisha Jones told News 4 New York. “That’s the thing. He’s lucky I didn’t kill him.”

Jones said she started her car with an automatic starter Tuesday morning before she left her apartment to take her son to school. But when she got to the vehicle, which was parked across from 705 Brook Avenue in the Bronx, her son noticed there was a man inside, she said.

So she opened her car door and dragged the man out onto the ground.

The woman held the thief to the ground until police arrived.
Source: BET

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