A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Instructs The Ladies To “Look Back At It"

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie must love Michael Jackson. The late pop singer influenced generations upon generations with his music, but his single “You Rock My World” must have stuck with Boogie. The New York rapper channels Michael’s single for his latest release “Look Back At It.” First, he emulates the legends iconic scatting before he interpolates the melody from “You Rock My Worl.” The smooth single sounds like the perfect radio and club banger. 

Boogie will be dropping off Hoodie SZN later this month, and if “Look Back At It” is just a sample, we’re impressed. There aren’t many people that can emulate Michael without sounding corny. The infectious chorus is already stuck in my head, and the instrumental is both sweet and hard at the same time. 

Quotable Lyrics
Let me tell you something ’bout my life
And every single chain, and my diamond rings
The way you walkin’, the way you talkin’, it’s all because of me
And the way I’m all on you, girl, you know it’s true
The way I speak is a melody
Don’t you ever think it’s another me

Source: Hip Hop News

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