Michelle Obama's Memoir Almost Sold A Milli The First Day, Some Folks Are BIG Mad + FLOTUS Hits Costco With 'Ellen', Dishes On Malia's Heavily Armed Prom Night

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Michelle Obama is slaying the book game and some white folks are mad mad! Meanwhile, Forever FLOTUS shared details about Malia Obama‘s prom night that’ll have you laughing and her reunion with Ellen DeGeneres is equally hilarious. It all inside…

Forever First Lady Michelle Obamma dropped her memoir, “Becoming,” this week and it’s selling like hot cakes!

“Becoming” has sold more than 725,000 units in all formats and editions in the U.S. and Canada on the first day of its publication, Tuesday, November 13th. YASSSS! That Midas Touch.

According to Penguin Random House, first-day sales (including preorders) represent the largest single-day sales total for any book published in 2018 by the book publishing company, the world’s largest trade publisher.

BECOMING was published with a first printing of 1.8 million copies of the hardcover edition. Based on extraordinary account demand across all channels, from mass merchandisers to independent bookstores, the publisher has already gone back to press for an additional 800,000 hardcover copies, which will bring the total number of copies in print in the U.S. and Canada to 2.6 million. Totally taking over the game. And guess what? (Some) white folks are big mad.

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Yesterday, Mrs. Obama sat down with “black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross at The Forum in LA for her 2nd stop on her book tour.  And by book tour we mean full on concert-level, Live Nation backed production.

New York Post writer Maureen Callahan wrote a whole article about how much she hates seeing FLOTUS win out in these streets. She attened Michelle’s first book tour stop and wrote about it as if it was the worst thing she ever experience. Chick needs to put down the HATERAIDE.

Here’s some of what she wrote

To read the worshipful press coverage you’d never know that, for Democrats, the unthinkable has happened: Michelle Obama has revealed herself as just another guru for sale.

Lest that seem an exaggeration, note that the audience was subjected to a full hour of adulatory video packages set to female hero anthems — Katy Perry’s “Roar,” Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire,” Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” — depicting Michelle Obama as the American Woman Nonpareil, with testimonials from students, veterans, teachers, celebrities, late-night hosts, even her own media-shy daughters. This is a dangerous exercise in hagiographic narcissism, one too easy for the subject to believe. It’s impossible to imagine any figure on the right getting such a pass from the media, let alone praise for it.

Obama has artfully depicted herself as she is, both groundbreaking historical figure and a celebrity. She may be running for president, or may be #becoming a lifestyle guru. These days, such career paths are interchangeable.

Today, the Obamas have raked in hundreds of millions in book sales and advances, a multi-year deal with Netflix, and speaking gigs to the Wall Street bankers they one vilified, righteously decrying the abandonment of the 99 percent as they breathe ever more rarefied air. Yet on Tuesday night Michelle told the crowd, with zero self-awareness, that one should never make decisions based on finances, quoting Barack telling her, as she mulled quitting law: “Money is not the all-important thing.”

Girl, just stop. You’re mad a BLACK SUCCESSFUL WOMAN is sharing HER truth that could inspire other young women of color to do the same thing. And people care.  Stay mad.  Especially when blonde haired women like Amy Schumer are also selling hundreds of thousands of books and making millions talking about her life, diets and comedy.

On a more lighter note…

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Mrs. Obama reunited with her friend/daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres for a fun episode. During one segment, FLOTUS shared details on the night she and President Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, went prom. She said Malia begged them to “keep it cool” and she felt bad for the “poor guy” who came to pick her up. The issue was Malia wanted to ride with her date when that was just impossible living in the White House.

“Their whole lives were spent trying to have a normal life,” she said. “Go to soccer matches and birthday parties and sleepovers and have kids come over with a security detail. At that point, they had never driven in another person’s car for security reasons. So everything in their lives is now a discussion. We have to pull in security. We have to talk to the chief of staff, talk to the communications director,” she said. “My thing was she’s gotta ride in the car with her prom date.”

“I told Malia, ‘Make sure his car is clean’ if you know what I mean, ’cause dogs sniff the car. I said, ‘I don’t want him to be embarrassed.'”


“So he comes in, and you can tell he’s a little nervous, and we shake his hand, take a picture, and they get in the car and they go off, and then three cars follow,” she said. “It’s like them and then three cars with three men with guns. And Barack was like, ‘This makes running for a second term all worthwhile. My daughter is being followed by men with guns to prom.'”

Ha! No wonder Malia was out here making out, free as a bird, with her man at a few festivals recently.  Not even mad, sis.

Check it: 

Check out a few more clips of Michelle Obama on “ELLEN” (including a touching tribute) below:

By the way, they skipped the box wine at CVS for a trip to Costco:

Their reunion was just as funny, if not funnier than the first one. Ellen joined Michelle Obama for an impromptu book signing, they hit the aisles to do some shopping, and Ellen provided a musical interlude dedicated to our Forever First Lady.

Get your laugh on above.

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