Klay Thompson Apparently Doesn't Play About His Privacy, Allegedly Drops IG Model For Actress Laura Harrier

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Klay Thompson doesn’t play when it comes to keeping his relationships under wraps. Get the latest on the NBA baller dropping his last girl who was apparently too thirsty for his liking inside…

Golden State Warriors baller Klay Thompson has lost his best friend on the court – Steph Curry’s out with an injury – and now his love life is shaking up.

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Word on the curb is that he dropped his last girl Carleen Henry, a 32-year-old IG model and hairstylist, for spilling too much tea about their relationship. Klay likes to keep his love life under wraps, so when Carleen started confirming tidbits about their relationship in a direct message, he allegedly let her go.

Here’s the screenshot of the alleged direct messages she sent that got leaked, captured by Sports Gossip:

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We believe it, too. It was once rumored he stopped dating IG model Abigail Ratchford for posting a picture of his dog on her social media. Lordt!




The DMS leaked in October and it’s reported they are broken up. But, we all know folks be moving on fast. Sports Gossip got a tip that Klay is dating BlacKKKlansman & Spiderman: Homecoming actress Laura Harrier, and then a popular Warriors fan page confirmed that he’s indeed seeing someone:





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Neither Klay or Laura has addressed the dating rumors and they likely won’t. Or, Klay may have a change of heart about PDA since Laura already has her own and doesn’t need the extra attention. We’ll be keeping an eye out on these two.







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