BLACK INK DRAMA: Oh'Sh*t VS. Ceaser! Former 'Brothers' Drag Each Other After Huge Fight, Melody Gets Read For Filth Too

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The drama didn’t stop after Wednesday night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew.” Oh’Sh*t called out his former boss/”brother” Ceaser and all hell broke loose on social media. Peep the receipts inside…

It’s not uncommon to see fighting on “Black Ink Crew,” but who knew Oh’Sh*t (aka Richard) and his former boss/”brother” Ceaser would come to blows. If you haven’t heard, Oh’Sh*t left Black Ink to go work for Ceaser’s former friend/enemy Puma. Watch their altercation from the latest episode below:

Oh’Sh*t and Cease got into a fight after Richard invited Puma to Black Ink while Cease and the rest of the crew were in New Orleans opening his new shop. Puma and co. went as far as throwing a party in the shop. He also put up a janky sign promoting his Art To Ink shop on Cease’s building.

After the show aired, Oh’ Sh*t had to get some things off his chest and he let everyone know that Cease basically had nothing to do with “putting him on.” Oh? He also made claims that Ceaser did NOT pay his child support, nor did he bail him out of jail as portrayed on the show. Peep his IG vent below:

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He’s MAD mad! 

Ceaser hopped in Oh’Sh*t’s comment, but he apparently deleted his comment. So what does Cease do? Repost what he said to his own IG account and then dragged his employee/”Black Ink” star Melody for agreeing with Oh’Sh*t. Check it:

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Lordt. He dragged Melody into it! And his petty didn’t stop there: 








That’s another friend lost for Ceaser as he continues to build his empire. Hmm…what do you think the root of the Ceasar vs. Everybody issue as he continues to expand?

Photo: Ceaser’s IG

Source: theybf


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