Cardi B Throws 'Shade' While Turning Herself Into Police For Questioning

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Cardi B. threw all the shade while pulling up at the police department in Queens to turn herself in for questioning.  The latest in the strip club attack saga inside…

Cardi turned herself in at a Queens police precinct this morning in regards to the strip club attack drama.  She hopped out the car dressed in her most modest look – and by modest we mean everything covered except the highest front split on earth – with two huge black umbrellas “shading” her from the crowd:

When she walked out, she was uncovered and all smiles (atop).

ABC 7 New York reports:

Cardi B is likely to receive a desk appearance ticket to appear in court at a later date.

Detectives are sorting out whether or not she was involved in the attack.


On August 29th, real life sisters and bartenders say they were assaulted at their job at Angels Strip Club and ended up needing treatment at a hospital. They believe Cardi retaliated over rumors that at least one has been cheating with Cardi’s rapper husband of 1 year, Offset.

Cardi was indeed there at the club the night in question, but her people say it was because Offset and the Migos had a scheduled appearance there. Based on video we previously posted, Offset definitely was at the bar at one point – instead of his VIP section where bottles could have easily been brought to him – when Cardi walked up and had words with him.

Jade (right) and Baddie Gi (left)  claim someone from Cardi B’s entourage threw bottles and chairs at them, causing injuries. They have sued the rapper for damages, but there’s currently no evidence she was directly involved in the attack.




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