All The Stars Are Closer For Quincy Jones' 85th Birthday! Oprah, New Mom Rashida Jones, Stevie Wonder, JHud, Yolanda Adams, Fantasia & Tons More

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Issa celebration! Quincy Jones had the time of his life as family and celeb friends helped celebrate his 85th birthday. Peep pics of his daughter/brand new mom Rashida Jones, Oprah, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Yolanda Adams, Fantasia and more honoring the legend inside…

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Artist. Father. Visionary.

Quincy Jones is a musical ICON and influential legend. To celebrate his 85th birthday (which was actually in March), he rounded up his family and several of his celebrity friends for a night of laughter, music, and memories.

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Hosted by media mogul Oprah, tons of stars came together for the “Q85: A Musical Celebration for Quincy Jones” held at the Microsoft Theatre in LA recently. And it will air on BET Networks this December.

“There are those in our world known by their full name … and then there are those known by just their first name,” Lady O said. “But there is only one legend known far and wide and beloved by a single letter,” as she affectionately called him “Q.”

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Quincy’s daughter Rashida Jones was there to honor her father one night before news broke that she gave birth to a baby boy a few months ago. The 42-year-old actress and her boyfriend Ezra Koenig welcomed their first child together, who they named Isaiah. Congrats to the couple.

To honor her father’s legacy, Rashida co-directed and co-wrote the Netflix documentary, titled QUINCY, about his prolific career in music.

“My dad’s story is also the story of black America,” she told THR last week at the film’s LA premiere. “He was born in the ’30s. He’s seen every decade since. He’s been relevant in every decade since, so we’re dealing with a lot of race stuff in this country and it’s important to tell the stories of the past,” she said. “It’s the only way we can learn. It’s the only way we can change and evolve, and this is a great way to do it.”

QUINCY is currently streaming on Netflix.

The celebration was filled with legends, SANGers (no typo) and starpower:

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When icons celebrate icons.

Stevie Wonder made his way to the stage to pay tribute to his longtime. In that insane GQ interview, Quincy mentioned Stevie was super independent even though he was blind, but when women came around, he would act as if he needed more help. Lordt.

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“The Voice” judge Jennifer Hudson made an angelic arrival on stage to serenade Quincy during his birthday celebration. Accessorizing her white one-shouldered gown, JHud rocked Roberto Bravo yellow gold earrings and Maxior and Le Vian yellow gold rings.

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SAAAAANG Yolanda Adams. Y’all know she tore down the house while looking fab in a canary yellow dress.

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There were quite a few performances, including tributes from Brian McKnight, Fantasia, Usher, Gladys Knight, Ne-Yo, EGOT John Legend, Cynthia Erivo, Charlie Wilson, Ledisi, and Gregory Porter:

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Looking good auntie!

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Get well soon Ne-Yo!

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By the way, he recently collaborated with his ex-wife Monyetta Shaw on a new co-parenting book. Get the deets HERE.

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John’s wife Chrissy Teigen has been receiving a lot of backlash after revealing she slept with John after the first date. Lordt.

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We uncle Charlie didn’t disappoint.

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Also hitting the stage…

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Rap legend LL Cool J hit the stage to share some words about Quincy.

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And comedian Dave Chappelle couldn’t resist cracking jokes. “You are black in America and 85,” he said to the birthday boy. “I know there are some white people in the audience tonight who don’t understand how hard it is to get to live to be 85.”

On the carpet….

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Just because he’s 85 doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to have fun. We wonder if he bought any of his 22 girlfriend. Oh, you didn’t know Q was rolling like that out here? Better catch up HERE.

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We’re not going to lie, JHud looked as if she was on her way to prom.

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Charlie Wilson and these Michael Jackson socks and high waters.

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Fantasia and her hubby Kendall Taylor were all boo’d up on the carpet. Love looks good on them both.

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Yolanda Adams is so gorge.

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Poor Ne-Yo.

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If you haven’t heard, Tony Award winning actress Cynthia Erivo is gearing up to play Harriet Tubman in an upcoming biopic. Deets HERE.

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Ledisi will hit the stage at the 2018 American Music Awards to pay tribute to the late Aretha Franklin, along with Gladys Knight, CeCe Winans, DOnnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, and Rickey Minor.

The American Music Awards will air October 9th at 8/7c on ABC.

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Rapper Ludacris came out to pay his respects to the music icon.

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Hollywood vet Danny Glover came out to celebrate his friend.

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Singers/sisters Chloe x Halle took a break from the “On The Run II” tour to celebrate with Quincy.

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And singer/mom Melanie Fiona was also in the mix.


“Q85: A Musical Celebration for Quincy Jones” premieres this December on BET.

In the meantime, check the trailer for his Netflix documentary, which is currently streaming, below:


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