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SMFH: White Cop Who Murdered Jordan Edwards Sentenced To Only 15-Years

An answer to our prayers.

Officer Roy Oliver has been found GUILTY of the murder of 15 year old #JordanEdwards.

A bittersweet moment for his family and for all of us who've fought non-stop for justice.

We'd all rather

Officer Roy Oliver Sentenced To 15 Years For Murdering Jordan Edwards

The white police officer who shot into a car of teens and killed Jordan Edwards is getting a surprisingly light sentence. A jury ruled that Roy Oliver would serve just 15-years behind bars after being convicted of murdering the 15-year-old Texas teen.

Edwards’ family expressed disappointment in the ruling and believe the officer received a year for every year of Jordan’s life.

“That was my exact thought: They gave a year for his age,” said Jordan’s stepmother, Charmaine Edwards according to The New York Times. “He can actually see life again after 15 years, and that’s not enough because Jordan can’t see life again.”

“I would have been fine if he had got 30 years, or 25 years,” Ms. Edwards said in a phone interview on Thursday. “Anything over 15, I would have been satisfied. I just feel like 15 years is not nearly enough for the loss of a life, especially when you have people who commit smaller crimes and they get more years than that.”

The prosecution was hoping the officer would get at least 60.

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