3Way Confirmed: Teyana Says She’s Shared Iman’s Petunia Pipe With Other Women In The Bedroom

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“No limits! Period!”—Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor Speaks On Threesomes With Iman Shumpert

Teyana Taylor’s track “3Way” isn’t just a song—it’s the truth.
As we previously reported Teyana dropped her highly-anticipated EP “Keep That Same Energy” and on it, there’s a song titled “3Way” about the obvious; a Ménage à trois between her, her hubby and another woman.

And after Teyana asked folks to cast a leading lady for the track’s upcoming visuals…

she also confirmed that the track isn’t just a work of fiction; there’s at least one lucky Petunia’s that’s gotten a good go at Iman’s colossal Cavaliers crotch.
(We remember those gray sweatpants!)

“Okay, look—listen! I ain’t finna sing about nothing that I ain’t been through. My album is what it is—I was like do you know how many “thank you’s” I’m gonna get for this?!” said Teyana on Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

“The summer is lit, the summer of lit!” she added. “Once you break it down and the reason I say this—I’m not saying that this is what you have to do, but I’m what I’m saying is when you make a vow and you’re married, it ain’t no limits. Period!”

A 3Way with Teyana and Iman???

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Sheesh, whose been the lucky Petunia (Or Petunias)??? We want names….


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