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It is a HORRIBLE time for elder black actors. Karma is a ugly and dement heifer. First ,Bill Cosby was trapped by a tribe of woman and will not be going to the pin for indiscretions that transpired decades ago, now Morgan Freeman is on the chopping block.

This is getting out of hand.

The Oscar winner could be seen exiting a car in a dark navy pin striped suit and was later spotted in a tan colored suit.

The movie’s cast includes Peter Stormare of Fargo fame, All Eyez On Me actress Kat Graham and John’s very own daughter Ella Bleu.
Meanwhile, the most physical of the allegations in the original CNN report was one from an unnamed production assistant who described Freeman lifting up her skirt repeatedly on the set of Going In Style in 2015.
The latest development in the week-long back-and-forth is a legal letter written by CNN’s lawyers standing by its report.

This knocks back his claims to have debunked their allegations and points to other indicators of ‘proof’ that they were accurate which were not included in the article when it was published but have since emerged.
In response, Freeman’s lawyer Robert Schwartz said it was ‘saber-rattling and lacking in substance’.

On the day of CNN’s publication, Freeman issued an apology saying he had never intentionally disrespected anyone he had worked with but took seriously the issue of women being harassed in the workplace.

He then issued a second statement, after being dropped by sponsors including Visa, where he said he was ‘devastated’ that 80 years of his life and work were now uncertain.

Later came a letter from his attorneys which demanded a retraction from CNN and pointed to footage of one of the remarks Melas claimed was inappropriate which they said says vindicates the actor.
He has threatened to sue the network if it does not withdraw the report which he claims it defamed him and the co-founder of his production company, Revelations Entertainment, Lori McReary, who was described as a victim, witness and perpetrator of misconduct.

Despite Freeman’s comments and a wave of criticism from fans who have accused the network of going ‘too far’ in its pursuit of #MeToo villains, CNN is standing by the report.
On Thursday morning, CNN issued a sternly worded legal letter of its own to the legendary actor.

In a final note, CNN suggests that the lawyer who wrote Freeman’s letter overlooked a major conflict of interest in the fact that his firm represents CNN in ongoing intellectual property cases.


a close up of text on a black background: On Thursday, CNN hit back with a sternly worded letter of its own which stood by its story


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