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The Boston Celtics’ plan to pay tribute to Isaiah Thomas and retire Paul Pierce’s jersey on the same night has devolved into more drama than anyone possibly could have been anticipated.

As the fallout continues, both principle figures involved in the situation on Wednesday took to social media to seemingly make cryptic observations on the continued melodrama.

A reasonable assumption is that perhaps Pierce was reacting to one of his ESPN colleagues, Jalen Rose, calling him “petty” over his complaining over having to share his big night with Thomas during “NBA Countdown.”

Interestingly, Thomas took to social media to react to the spectacle playing out on ESPN and liked Rose’s take on the situation as it involves Pierce’s behavior.

celtics snip.PNG

Shots fired, indeed.
For what it’s worth, Thomas earlier this week requested that the Celtics not air his tribute video on Pierce’s night.

The NBA: Where often enough there’s more drama off the court — and on social media — than there is on the hardwood.


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