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Nick Got Them CANNONS Out!!! Defends CHRIS BROWN

The Music Bad Boy has piped out hit, after hit over the last few years.  Chris Brown has unfortunately been MIA in the movie world. Now the Virginian Serenader will be making his cinematic revival with She Ball, co-starring Nick Cannon.

The upcoming film centers around a women’s basketball team brought together by Cannon’s character, Coach Avery Watt, in order to save the Inglewood Community Center, which he manages. “I’m very excited for this film. It’s something powerful for the culture, uplifting for the community, and the film’s main objective is to empower women! It’s going to be incredible,” says Cannon of the project.


This great news was turned sour by the public backlash over Chris Brown playing a role in  women centric moxie after disfiguring his public image. Breezy’s past domestic abuse , has caused a stigma that is following him around. people are lashing out against Prince Breezy.

TMZ recently caught up with Nick at Los Angeles International Airport and asked him about the backlash. “Why would they hate on it?” he asks confused.

“What about Sean Penn? They hate on him?” he added, referring to the actor who faced domestic violence allegations for years. “There’s definitely a double standard. They want to turn a black man into a monster anytime they can.”


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