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Cardi Barks Back……Finally.  So theres atleast a camp-sized fire , crackling within this woman after all. I hope her response isn’t too “Black” for OFFSET to bear. Rapper or not, when a Real CoCo-Empress starts Rearranging the ozone on that A$$, you’ll know what you got. This was a base level attempt to show she still has the Bravada & Control of the situation.  But Honey…No….No you Don’t!!!

OFFSET should be issuing apologies and setting the record straight about what exactly went down .Instead he has remained tight lipped & bored…..

And This is ALL she Saids


A Real woman is not going to be treated a like door mat, get publicly humiliated at the very height of your career, with a Upgraded Bae-Skee, while OFFSET walking around Happy.  This mess is a big ‘ole helping of Disgrace PIE. And Cardi , either he wearing the Bib, or your WEARING it.

imagesA0VZNA8K.jpgDOES Cardi Needs to Pipe Up A LIL BIT?  What Do You Think is a Adequate Response. Is He right for Remaining Quiet?Please Comment Below!

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