California Is “Dope” Man: First Retail Pot Sales in 2018

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Ahhhh hhhh hhhh America , home of the unarmed-assassinations, sexism, gluttony, and 6 of the deadly 7 originals sins. Despite these facts Californians can now exhale in peace .Why?

Pot is legally going on sale starting January 1, 2018. Yes m beautiful people, The Sacramento Bee, that America has opened the door for one of the largest markets of high grade California zuited stranded freedom.

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The historic day comes more than two decades after California paved the way for legal weed by passing the nation’s first medical marijuana law, though other states were quicker to allow the drug’s recreational use. From the small town of Shasta Lake just south of Oregon to San Diego on the Mexican border, the first of about six dozen shops licensed by the state will open Monday to customers who previously needed a medical reason or a dope dealer to score pot.



Economics, an environmental and agricultural consulting firm. Of the remaining 20 percent, only a quarter was sold legally for medicinal purposes.
That robust black market is expected to continue to thrive, particularly as taxes and fees raise the cost of retail pot by as much as 70 percent.

Matt Brancale, 47, a marijuana user since the 1980s and a connoisseur of the plant’s flowery buds, said he welcomes regulations that will bring a higher-quality product because of required testing. But he fears the price could spike once the government takes its share, and worries that revenue will be misspent.

“I also don’t want to get taxed to the teeth on it,” he said. “Are they going to try to squeeze every last ounce of tax revenue out of it? I assume they will. There’s people that are drooling in Sacramento with the potential resource money.”




imagesA0VZNA8KI hope those California Lobbyist can talk to sense into Georgia Law Makers, but then our local Government will shut done. Our State makes most of its Money from Drug Charges and can you guess the Illicit Substance? 





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