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Cleansers are unisex so all your well groomed Adonis’ out there researching on how you can maintain healthy , young looing skin I think I have just the remedy we are ALL  searching for. garnier scrubGarnier-Clean-Invigorating-Daily-Scrub3













Garnier’s Skin Actives Invigorating Daily Scrub not only energizes your skin but it literally injects the life back into your face. Its smells like the fruit of Eden in a tube!!! The scent is “awaking” . After using this product my face feels tight, my skin is radianting the softest of glows, and  looks so healthy & Beautiful.

Nite Garnier 1

STEP 1First Place a dollop size portion onto clean fingertips and smooth the solution onto your face. Make sure you avoid the eye area as these facial scrubs and cleansers are eye irritants. This invigorating Scrub also has Peppermint and Jojoba Beads so eye contact can be an electrifying experience.

Nite Garnier 3

STEP 2Make Sure you covered you face completed in the scrub and use a two or three finger circular motion to gently smooth the scrub around. You wont be able to be too generous with the facial massage time on this one. The peppermint creates a cool sensation that can most definitely intensify in a 4-5 minute frame.

 STEP 3Rinse thoroughly and notice the results.  You should only use a scrub twice a week. Always conduct a skin test to be sure this scrub won’t cause irritation. I actually purchased my tube of Youthful Magic at my local but its is also for sale at major drugstores or online.











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