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Fresh Beauty  has done something very remarkable and very Mystifying.We all enjoy a little spirituality amidst a loud, busy, and somewhat cluttered material world.

So, Alongside Famous Astrologer Susan Miller,  into creation hand-crafted soaps in tailored scents reminiscent to each Zodiac sign and the specialized journey he/she may embark on in 2018.

Astrology is beautiful in learning about the science of the stars and how their very exact placements in the sky ,culminated to the Big Bang phenomena that is YOU. Every person has MANY signs in MANY different arrangements in their birth charts and no one is calibrated the same. This uniqueness is the steering engine and a colorful world These unique crafted soaps are wonderful additions to everyone.

Here’s Just a Couple To Startsag soap.PNG

sag s

There are predictions and general advice that accompanies every inspired scent. It gives a new meaning to washing your clean and understanding your 2018’s  purpose.

cap soap

cap s

The outlook for Libra isn’t Looking Too bad Either.

soap lib.PNG

s lib.PNG

See all the signs Here* http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/a14479067/2018-horoscope-fresh-beauty-susan-miller

I wonder  how the Libra scent smells but I’m sure it has a nice balance.  Shoot us a comment if your love the aroma they created for your sign. KEEP IT FRESH!!!!





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